sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Rain in May

In Japanese the rainy days in May is called “Tsuyu梅雨” or “Tsuyudoki 梅雨時”.
It lasts for about 30 days in May although the sun comes out sporadically. Everything becomes damp. This is the time when winter clothing is still needed.

There are many haiku that describe the rainy season. I’ll cite below two famous haiku of

五月雨を 集めてはやし 最上川

rain in May...
flows rapidly in mass
the Mogami River

五月雨の ふりのこしてや 光堂

rain in May...
did it leave untouched
the Hikari temple?

The following is my attempt of haiku in 3 languages.

rain rain rain
no end –
like my weeping heart

わが心 泣けとごとくに 雨がふる

lluvia lluvia lluvia
no término –
como mi corazón llorando (May 2009)

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